Thursday, August 25, 2005

Another fine day watching my friends in Florida getting ready for a storm while we continue to get that wonderful late summer heat and humidity that makes you wonder how we ever lived without the air conditioner.
Went surfing around this morning for more porn blogs and found this guy in Canada that I actually have partied with over the years at different adult conventions has put up his own thoughts and links over at The Findpics Blog. Seems to be getting some good info about recent legislation that we are all a little concerned over known affectionately as 2257. Recent laws have been put out by the Justice Department that basically would drive all porn from US webmasters off the internet because of very poorly worded regulations and requirements. I'll post a separate "rant" after I hear of some upcoming results from court cases that have been brought against these new laws.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Finally back from a long hiatus with medical issues - and feeling chipper and dapper as can be. We're trying to catch up with as much of the old stuff as well as reviewing great new sites that have appeared over the last few months.
I see an old friend of mine Jeremy, who used to work for and is now running Netpond's link list has his own blog and is posting some great stuff for daily reading at although a warning - he does have some hardcore images as soon as you get there :) Not that this would be a bad thing and have contemplated having a few images for our readers here. I will be posting a few calm pics to start with and see how that goes - if no complaints then we will be out on a limb with tons of my favorite pornstar friends.

As an aside, I did have the fortune to run into 4 ladies while in Florida that I spent an evening getting to know pretty well. They are all stars and have been contract girls for various film companies.

For those of you not familiar with the pornstar world - that would be Monica Mayhem, Stephanie Swift, some dude :), Tawny Roberts and Devon - there were more pics but figured I better hold off on them for a bit.

To say the least you should be seeing a lot more of these young ladies as we will be promoting their sites heavily as well as a bunch of new things that are under wraps right now but you will see them here first.
Till later - have fun and as always - porn is fun - violence sucks - why do we keep getting these two mixed up?

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Been a while as I was down for the count and then vacationing. I come back and find the biggest boobs blog out there at Busty Blog and I'll tell ya what - I love big tits and I have always adored women that have them naturally - but this guy "LOVES" big honkers, boobs whatever you want to call them.  Seems he also runs some other sites devoted to the biggest tits and mountains of flesh you've ever seen - give him a visit today.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Well - we're finally back in step and getting around the web again on our porn journey - although I did have to take a sidestep in Oz - I found the Glory Hole Blog and knew there was something different as soon as I read the first article. Gender issues and the public reaction to "different" viewpoints are shown for their disparity by geolocation. I'll let you make up your own mind, but I found it refreshing to see links pointing to Three Pillows and classifying it as an erotic site instead of calling it a gay site (which it is not) which some uninformed webmasters tend to do. I won't get into the political ramifications of this site, but let's just say that if the pleasure is in being bi-sexual between three people, then let them get married in California too :) Anything to throw a monkeywrench into that church-based Executive branch we have working in Washington right now (so much for separation of power).
Definitely a daily read at the Gloryhole Location Blog and say hi to my mates over there.

Friday, February 13, 2004

My friends in Australia are showing they've stepped in to the porn blogging world with a bang DangerBlog at Danger Dave's and without any hype from me (like I could) they've nailed the humour and just plain sarcastic commentary on the "hush-hush spoken only behind closed doors" world of politics and porn clashing that we've come to expect out of the moral "right". I know - the whole world is still in shock that a woman (Janet - who else) would DARE to expose her nipple on television, all this while the news didn't even talk about the three US servicemen killed in Kirkuk that same day. Guess we've come to the point where it's ok to kill, just don't show your tits ladies. I must have read the bible a little differently when I was growing up.
There I go again - off on a tangent - back to Dave's Blog - great photos and porn talk - and you can count me as another daily reader.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Added a News page to our links on the left Porn News that gets updated frequently and with a bit of a humourous twist - check it out for updates.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Ok - so Janet Jackson shows part of her right tit - so what - and now the FCC wants to ream her for a little flesh on TV? The Janet News the stories are flying around the net faster than a farting horse (oh yeah that was supposed to be a funny commercial I suppose). Im sure everybody wants to see more - well I just happen to know where you can not only find this clip up close, but another even better flash she did a few years ago - much better nudity in my opinion - the only legal place I know of to find any celebrity nudity - over at Mr Skin - but then there's a lot of better nude celebrities videos with loads more flesh over there to gaze at than that little superbowl flash last night. But I guess we had to start somewhere in this country - hell - that wouldn't have even raised an eyebrow in Europe - it's on every night there. The puritans are feeling a little uneasy?? Get over it - it's just the human body made by whichever God you believe in and certainly shouldn't be hidden from view. Of course if you're hell bent on protecting everyone you might start with your own kids over at the mall - you might even be surprised by what teenagers consider clothing to "cover" the body at school these days. Did anyone happen to notice the lack of commercials that really were memorable this Super Bowl - or is everyone so engrossed with Janet Jackson's little game with Justin Timberlake to notice. Now we just have to wonder what Britney Spears and Madonna have planned for next week's Grammy Awards I'll be waiting with baited anticipation - or maybe I'll go till my garden instead - check out some more celebrity info here Celebrity Mr Skin Info

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